Friday, March 20, 2009

5 Bucks Says Your Officemate ISN'T Doing This

My company is working on a really unique campaign - as we get down to the final week of the project, the chances of walking in on an employee playing with crayons has increased exponentially. But it's not slacking off, or reverting to the safety of childhood (though I think we could all use that). This is legitimate work.

This week, my officemate has been hoarding glass pitchers and jars from the kitchen here, which is just another random activity for this campaign that appears abnormal and time-wasting out of context. As I walked to the kitchen today, I realized that something smelled truly amazing - and the Lean Cuisine lunch brigade doesn't have that kind of affect on the hallway. There was my fellow office-denizen (who moonlights as a bartender in Georgetown) slicing up fruits and creating an olfactory delight:

Yes, he is making infused drinks for a campaign event on Tuesday night in DC. Alcoholic drinks. I feel fairly confident that no one else's office colleague is doing this today at work. I'd put money on it - although I also put money on my NCAA bracket and I'm not even a skotch confident about that one.

PS: If you want info on where you can taste these amazing concoctions, drop me a line - it's a charity event for a GREAT cause.

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Jenny said...

haha... how did i miss this?! AMAZING!