Monday, September 16, 2013

Here you go, Taylor Swift. I wrote you some songs.

I never have an urge to write poems - and honestly, everyone is better off for that - unless....unless I have a guy problem. On the bright side, I have come to realize that the inspiration only comes when I am winding down in my distress and need one final blurt of emotion. Who knew, song writing is kind of cathartic. I wonder if any one else has ever realized that...

The latest edition to the "Woe is me" poetry collection:

Four weeks since you were nice to me
Laughed with me
Reached out for me
Made me feel
Like this was real
And we felt the same things

Week one
I didn't know
Missed you but
Couldn't show.
It might have been
All in my head
And the ache was made up on my own.

Week two
Tried to say 
'He's just a guy,
Doesn't realize
This silence makes me cry.
He'll be back and we'll be fine'
But knowing the whole while...

Week three
It hurt to think of you
I cried though I told myself
That wouldn't do
Anyone who'd make me feel this way
Wasn't worth the time of day.

Week four
I'm out of tears
Just anger when my thoughts get near
To still wishing that you'll appear
With apologies for me to hear.

I guess you think 
Not saying anything
Spares me pain and suffering.
But that's not true - 
It just spares you.

Thanks for all you put me through
To keep up the lie
You tell yourself when you think
You're still a nice guy.


2012's contribution:

The only type of love I've had is the unrequited kind
When I dreamt of my life, this wasn't what I had in mind
I knew that there'd be heartbreak
But I never thought it'd be all on one side.

Knowing the answer is 'no' but still hoping it could be 'yes'
Finding out that you'll be there and changing the way I dress.
Hope is supposed to get us through
But mine only gets me in a bigger mess.

So tired of hearing "he's out there"
"Don't look and you shall find."
"It's always when you least expect it"
And other cliche'd lines.

I'm not looking for a a fairy tale
Just someone whose story fits with mine