Monday, August 10, 2009

Blame it on Global Warming

If you were a hermit living in the woods of Virginia, you'd have thought yesterday was the first day of summer. In fact, yesterday was August 9th - an unprecedented late start to the muck and yuck that is the summer season in the DC area. I made the mistake of picking that morning for my first outside run of the summer. Honestly, Rain-In-The-Pants, of all the days to decide to skip the glorious air-conditioned gym! I pay good money for that air conditioning! I got about 1/2 a mile before my activity-induced asthma inhaler failed me and I switched from wheezing and running to wheezing and walking.

I spent most of the day outside. My parents came down for the DC United/Real Madrid game and my father insisted on taking the Metro out to FedEx Field. So, we walked about 3 miles in the 95 degree heat from the Metro station to the stadium, only to climb up to the 4th tier and bake in the sun for 2 hours. Theeeennnn the walk back to the Metro, and I was off to Merriweather Pavillion (an outside venue) to see Incubus.

Here's my point, though: throughout this sweaty, blindingly-bright day, all i wanted was liquids. Cold, icy liquid refreshment. Food looked warm, and I was all stocked up on warm, thanks. Today, as I downed 5x my normal daily intake of water at work, it hit me that this is what I am usually like in the summer. Food is blech, liquid is good, and I tend to drop some weight because of this simple fact. Of course, up until Sunday, the summer was bearable and pleasant. But like they say, "No Pain, No Weight Loss." Bring on the scorching humidity!