Thursday, August 23, 2012

Little Great Ideas to Slightly Alter the World

I have my best ideas when I can't sleep. Usually, my insomnia is because my brain is whirring at a thousand miles per hour, thinking and rethinking and planning and worrying. In the midst of all that extraneous thought, a doozy of an idea will sometimes wrestle its way through (and be totally unrelated to anything that was actually keeping me up). In the morning, when most dimly-conceived ideas pale in the light of a new day, I am wishing I knew the right person to tell. 
  • The Caps Lock key on your computer should be able to toggle whole words/sentences/paragraphs between capital and lower case letters. Why do we have to delete and retype? It's 2012, people.
  • Soda can rings should be perforated so they can be pulled apart before going in the trash. People are lazy and often won't go the extra step to find a pair of scissors and save a fishy's life.
  • Magazines should have unsubscribe URLs on the back page, or even a rip-off reply card. It's obnoxiously impossible to get off those mailing lists. My mom once sent me a gift from what appears to be a catalog for Wiccans, and I've been getting their quarterly mailing ever since. It's not quite my style, and I have to assume that anyone who sells long, shapeless dresses and worships Gaia would appreciate saving a tree or two by not sending me something that I promptly throw away.
What's your best little-great idea?

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Rachel said...

My friend! No need to delete and re-type - microsoft word has the case functionality built into it! I can teach you the short cuts - else you can highlight the word, go to the "Aa" dropdown in the "font" menu and alter the case from there :)